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Three-wheeled car how to maintain? Master on the three strok

Time: 2016-10-07 11:35  View:194

Battery use and maintenance
First, less charge Qinqian
1. When the battery voltage is not less than 1/3, is the best time to charge.
2. When the battery is not used for a long time, we have to charge every half a month.
Second, anti-undervoltage, anti-overcharge
1. When the voltage reaches the "undervoltage" limit, you can not continue to discharge.
2. Charge the green light is best when the power will be cut off, over-current generated by the electrolyte will consume too fast.
Third, the temperature is constant
  The battery is also a variable temperature species. Summer can not be too hot, nor too cold in winter. Charging under low temperature conditions does not guarantee that the battery is fully charged.
Tire Wear and Maintenance
Tire installation does not mean you can always worry about the tire situation once and for all, because the tire is wearing parts, as long as the vehicle movement will wear the tire, so you should always pay attention to when using the tire wear.
1. Regularly check the tire pressure to avoid excessive or too small tire pressure. Excessive puncture, too small will increase friction with the ground, increasing power consumption.
2. Avoid the impact of obstacles, so as not to cause tire explosion.
3. To avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in summer, to prevent the accelerated aging of the tire.
4. Walking a certain distance to timely replacement of tires, can not be a moment to save money to set their own risk.
Develop good driving habits
1. At the start, it should be slow to accelerate, so as not to instantly accelerate the waste of electrical energy or damage electrical components.
2. Driving should be avoided after the brake still tighten the governor of the phenomenon, so as to avoid excessive motor overload and damage.
3. Prohibit the direction of play too much or turn the steering wheel in the stop, so as to avoid excessive wear and tear of the tire.
4. To prevent overload, causing unnecessary damage to the tires and batteries.
  5. Autumn and winter driving in the puddles, try to avoid, to prevent the car skidding and sand on the brake pads blocked.