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The controller damage factor of the electric car accessories

Time: 2016-10-07 11:34  View:194

1. Power device is damaged
2. Control the internal power supply is damaged
3. Controller work intermittently
4. Connection cable wear and poor contact or loss of the connector caused by loss of control signals
The following is a detailed analysis of the above controller damage factors
Controller power device damage, generally have the following possibilities:
Damage caused by the motor, the power device itself is poor quality or selection level caused by the lack of device installation or vibration caused by loosening, the motor overload caused by damage to the power device driver circuit or parameter design caused by unreasonable.
Controller internal power supply damage, generally have the following possibilities: controller internal circuit short-circuit, external control components short-circuit, external lead short-circuit.
When the controller is working for a short time, generally there are several possibilities: the device itself in the high temperature or low temperature environment parameter drift, the overall design of the controller power dissipation caused some local device temperature is too high leaving the device itself into the protection state, Poor contact
Connection cable wear and poor contact or fall off the connector, generally have the following possibilities: unreasonable choice of wire, wire protection is not complete, the connector selection is not good, wiring harness and connector crimping is not strong