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Battery charging often make mistakes, five strokes tell you

Time: 2016-10-07 11:34  View:154

The popularity of electric vehicles at the same time but also frequently problems, which in the end is how is it? In fact, the market most of the battery quality, therefore, the problem largely appears in the use and maintenance of the above, especially in the charge of the above do not pay attention, it will cause battery life shortening and other issues.
Talk about the electric car charging errors and wrong practices:
1. The higher the charging voltage of the charger the better
Found in the industry like the high-voltage charger in the industry, saying that this can make the battery full of red, driving distance. Just use the time to do than the GB charger to appear red, full red. But that is sacrificing the battery life under the premise of blindly increase the voltage caused by the results. For electric vehicles and batteries, over-voltage charging a long time will cause the battery drum package, the rapid decline in capacity.
Recommendation: Recommended 12V battery charge not more than 14V, 24V should stop at 28V, 48V should be stopped at 56V. And then high on the prone to problems.
2. Charge every day, or use the under-voltage protection and then red
For lead-acid batteries, the memory effect can not say that there is no, but for nickel-cadmium batteries is not so obvious. Lead-acid batteries should be done with one-third of the time to re-charge, the only reference standard should be one-third of the power indicator light when the red. Of course, first confirm that your battery indicator is normal.
It is recommended to select a different charging scheme according to the battery type, and the charging voltage must be controlled in the safe range.
3. Fast high current charging
Fast charging station The product itself is good, but frequent fast charging should not be. Now the technology to create the battery itself does not have the conditions of high-current fast charge. Rapid charge will only result in a result, the battery quickly produce chemical and physical reactions, the specific performance is the battery fever, stomach enlargement.
Recommendation: less with no-name charging station, prohibit large current does not control temperature charging. Even if the emergency charge at any time to monitor the battery temperature, if you find the temperature rise immediately stop charging.
4. Charger with the car, with the take with
Consumers generally like to bring the charger in the car, so the results are often the result of the devastating. Current chargers are switching power supply design, long-term bumps will lead to electronic circuit boards and components produced between the phenomenon of open welding. If the sampling circuit failure, then the charging voltage will be substantially increased, resulting in a short time on the battery drum package. Serious fire will occur.
Reference Recommendation: Charger placed in a fixed place, do not bump. Car is strictly prohibited. Even if you have to take full account of bumps caused by failure to carry.
5. Charger with fan
On the market with a fan of the charger accounted for almost 70 percent of the market. In fact, a good fan is also very good, if the fan is not good quality will certainly cause noise. Compared to the natural cooling without a fan charger, the charger with the fan more likely to bad.
There are two reasons: (1) the life of the fan itself. (2) The fan brings a lot of dust are accumulated in the charger internal cooling caused by poor burn charger.
Recommended the use of large heat sink natural cooling of the charger.
Charger and battery options:
Selection of simple, safe, perfect protection is our first choice. Note the following:
1. Protection circuit perfect. To prevent reverse connection, overload, over-current, over-voltage protection facilities are available. For any battery has a charge current and voltage requirements, excessive current will cause the temperature is too high cause the battery pregnant belly. Overload is a short time overload charger will not burn, mainly to prevent the first plug in the charger and then rub the battery caused by instantaneous contact with high current damage.
2. With a fan of the charger must use exhaust, try not to use suction charger, if it is sucking the wind then you buy a vacuum cleaner, a long time inside the dust enough to cause poor cooling . Recommended the use of natural cooling type.
3. Factory standard, fully certified battery.